A world in which women and men at sea and their employers are active custodians of our oceans.


We shape sustainable practices in the maritime, on land and at sea.

Our Inspiration

Whether it is for the air we breathe, climate regulation, food, transport, medicine or recreation, oceans provide countless benefits to our planet and all the creatures that live on it.

Yet, greater public awareness and decades of development efforts have not curtailed the predatory human activities that destroy our marine ecosystems.

In a quest to grow the compassion of future generations for our vital oceans, our expert work on sustainability, governance and learning, and our passion for the sea and sailing have led our team to connect the forces of change locked in the timeless bond between women and the sea.

From the water deities of ancient Greece and pioneering female navigators and ocean scientists, to the growing league of round-the-world yachtswomen, and contemporary heroines such as Greta Thunberg, examples of women who draw strength from the ocean and advocate for its protection abound. This is our inspiration; the story of Women+Sea.

What We Do

Ocean health and gender balance are equally critical to the future of our planet.

However, with women accounting for less than 2% of the global seafaring workforce, social innovation, eco-friendly policies, and oc ean nurturing practices are stifled by gender imbalance.

Building on a long lineage of female ocean activists, scientists, explorers and maritime professionals, Women+Sea helps organisations and individual brings responsible practices in seafaring professions. To deliver our mission, our core activities include:


Our Oceanid programme is a unique action training experience that empowers young women to transform their lives, access high-quality seafaring jobs, and champion ocean protection and gender equality in yachting and the maritime sector.



Our Horizon 2030 consulting supports international organisations such as UNDP, FAO, UN Ocean, UNITAR, GIZ, and member states with their project work related to SDG 5 ( gender and women empowerment), SDG 14 (Life below water), SDG 15 (lif e on land) and SDG 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions).


Our Oceanid campaigns mobilise female sailors, marine experts, ocean professionals and seafarers to act and promote new behaviours in yachting and the maritime sectors related to gender equity, women empowerment and ocean protection.

Our Team

Women+Sea is an initiative by Horizon 2030 limited – a limited liability company registered as a social enterprise in Hong Kong.

Just as the ocean knows no borders, the team, clients, students, host families and partner organisations of Women+Sea are located all over the world.

Our Partners

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