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At Horizon2030, we think that the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a historic achievement – for the first time, countries from all regions have agreed on development goals covering economic, social, environmental and governance issues that apply to countries in the same way.

We see, however, that everyone - governments, UN agencies, civil society, businesses - are now at risk of trying to tackle the goals one by one – despite the 2030 Agenda calling for “integration”. Why? Because it seems easier. Why is this a problem? Because focusing on one issue without looking at the effects on another issue can make efforts futile and problems worse.

We therefore work with our clients to break silos, work across disciplines and connect issues to create better policies, partnerships and processes.

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Our clients include international organisations such as UNDP, FAO, UN Ocean, UNITAR, bilateral agencies such as GIZ as well as NGOs and foundations. We work with countries in all regions.

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